31 October 2016

Garden Progress

This summer, there has been a lot of changes to the garden. A few months ago, a new garden design was planned and although at times it seemed that we would never get anything done, we have slowly but surely made great strides in our hope of becoming a bit more self sufficient. This is only a quick post, to show you a few pictures of the garden so far. I will go into more detail tomorrow when I have a day off work and the time to write a bit more about what we have been up to (if there is anyone out there who still reads my posts lol). Please bear in mind that it's still very much a work in progress and some of it still looks kind of like a building site but we are definitely getting there.

This is how my garden looked when I first started my blog. A rectangle of uninspiring, scruffy looking grass.

It's changed a bit over the years. First the patio was fenced off and a flower bed dug.

Then a few raised beds were added, very in-expertly by me, I might add, to enable me to grow some of my own veg.

 My first chickens arrived.

And started laying me some eggs.

And then my veg growing started to take off.

However, earlier this year, after a bit of a long talk, we decided to change the garden radically to make it more much more productive and a bit more beautiful.

So here is what my husband designed.

It's still a bit of a building site but we're getting there slowly. 

I will post a few more pics tomorrow after I find them from the hundreds I have taken over the last few months.