26 March 2011

In the beginning .......

Well, where to start. I live in beautiful Cornwall and this is how my not very beautiful garden looked like after the grass had been attacked with first the strimmer and then the lawn mower. Believe me it's a hundred times better than what it looked like at the start of the day. Having recently been inspired by a Geoff Hamilton DVD I am hoping to change my overgrown and unloved garden into a beautiful, productive haven of peace and tranquility ..... well thats the plan anyway lol.

I spent a wonderful day at The Garden House in Devon on Thursday with my friend Sharon looking for inspiration. I decided that everything that goes into the garden should be either edible or have a wonderful fragrance, I hate flowers that look amazing and look like they should have the most glorious scent imaginable but when you get close to them they don't smell of anything at all.