30 July 2014

Still Here :-)

Hi there, I wonder if there is anyone out there still reading my blog ..... it's been ages since I wrote anything. Things have been busy and I seem to have been caught up in lots and lots of lovely things and some not so lovely but very necessary things so, to ease me back into the swing of things I thought that for my first post I would just put up some photos of things that have been going on down here Deep in the Cornish Countryside.

The water treatment system finally went in. It's taken 3 years and a lot of time and hassle to get things sorted but it's finally in. Considering the amount of stress it caused, in the end, it only took three days ...... well 3 days and lots of digging to make the 4 metre deep hole it had to go into!!!

On a nicer note, it was my mum's 70th birthday at the start of July and we held a surprise afternoon tea for her at the lovely hotel where my daughter works. The Leopold Hotel in Sheffield were wonderful and despite the stress of making it happen without mum knowing it was a lovely afternoon and the food was delicious and it was lovely to see my mum and my eldest daughter for a couple of days.

I am now back at the market full time after taking a few weeks off to concentrate on other things and I have been making patchwork cushions. I finally mastered my rotary cutter and I am now addicted to making things with the patchwork squares I have been cutting.

I have been painting the outside of my house. I finally settled on a new colour for my front door and I absolutely love it. In fact I love it so much that I am painting everything that doesn't move in the lovely colour.

And finally, I have been sewing like mad adding lots of new things to my market stall. Here is Indie modelling the latest in cool doggie accessories ....... Doggie Bandanas that simply slip over the dogs collar so no faffing with tying them or velcro and things :-)