20 March 2016

Outside My Window.

Outside, at the back of my house I have my field, where my llamas live and I also have a patch of wilderness that is full of wildlife. There is a huge bank, filled with trees and a big wall that supports the road to the village. The wall is owned by the council and they are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance but as you can see form the photo, there are actually a couple of holes in the wall. That's where the bats live. Because bats and their habitats are protected, the holes have to stay and every 6 months or so, a lovely little man comes from the council to check the wall is still safe. 

You see the two holes in the wall, that's where the bats live.

When we bought the house, a lot of people told me I should cut down the trees and "let more light into the house" but I have to confess, I hate it when people do that and I don't see the point in cutting down perfectly healthy trees. I particularly hate it when people move to the country from a town and the first thing they do is to try and make it look more like a town, like the place they moved from. It's something that drive me bonkers! So, I left them. I thin them out occasionally and there is one particular tree that might have to go because it could be a danger to the house if it blows down in all the winter storms we've been having over the last few years but other than that, the trees stay, as do the brambles and fox gloves and the nettles and anything else that decides it wants to grow in my little patch of wilderness. I never use pesticides and the bugs that are attracted by the plants that grow there, in turn, feed the bats and the birds. I have bees and butterflies and a whole host of wildlife that thrives in that little patch and I have absolutely no intention of listening to the people who tell me I should cut it all back. 

Anyway, few days ago, on the upstairs landing window ledge,  I noticed a couple of my cats acting a bit strangely. They were watching something outside the back window and making that weird little chirping sound that they make when they think they might be able to snatch a tasty birdie treat. I looked out of the window and saw a robin diving into a hole in the tree roots with a beak full the dog fur that I put out at this time of year for the birds to make their nests with. 

Great camouflage .... can you spot the hole with the robin in?

Where the robins have made their nest.

I know the picture quality isn't great. It's taken through a closed window because I don't want to disturb the birds but I'm fairly certain that there is a nest in there with eggs. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see the baby birds in there when they hatch. I'm just keeping everything crossed that things go ok and that nothing happens to them and I will definitely keep you updated on their progress. So exciting. 


  1. I agree with your love of the wild. If you want to live city - then live city. We come to the country to live country. Robin is so neat.

  2. The robin's nest is wonderful. I had no idea that they would build a nest like that down almost on the ground. I thought they were strictly "upper story" birds.

    I know what you mean about people moving from the city and then citifying their country place. My inlaws have a cottage on a lake and someone moved in from town and that was the first thing that they did: cut down almost all the trees and put in a lawn. It just does't make any sense at all.

    1. Hi Vic, I've added a photo of where the robins have built their nest. It's a bit confusing from my description, the tree is growing in the bank kind of half way up the wall. I love my little piece of wilderness :-)