16 March 2016

Help Please ...... A Techy Question

Some of you out there in blogland have some really cool, cute links to your Instagram and Twitter and stuff. The icons for each individual link are all the same colour and they just look so smart that I would really really REALLY love to have some of those link thingies on my blog. I have been very brave and experimental today and I have included a link to my Patchwork Hare Instagram thing and I think it actually works although if anyone tries it and it doesn't, please could you let me know. I don't do twitter at the moment but I do have a Pinterest account and a facebook account for The Patchwork Hare and I would love to have the cute little buttons to link them to my blog. My question is to anyone techy out there, how do I do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)


  1. The link worked perfectly for me.

  2. I'd like to know how to do the same actually

  3. It worked fine for me and I'm a follower now. Very cute pictures.