15 March 2016

Afternoon Tea at Bovey Castle

I'm assuming that there is a glitch on the Blogger page counting thingy because yesterday I had 891 page views! I'm lucky if I get 200 page views a day and that's on a good day, my little blog isn't very widely read so 891 is such a massive number it's almost certainly a glitch. Minimal readership or not, I still enjoy writing my little diary and I actually love taking a look back through the posts I made a few years ago. Now I have a little Grandson, I am really looking forward to documenting how he grows an develops. At 9 months old, he's already a proper little person with his own character, a very strong-willed character at that and the weekend after I got back from Venice, My mum, my eldest daughter and her husband and my cutie-pie Grandson came to stay for the weekend. It was fabulous to see them. As they all live in Sheffield, over 350 miles away, and the logistics of me getting away for a few days is a total nightmare with all my animals to arrange care for, I don't get to see them very often and have to rely on the phone and facetime to chat with them. 

On the Friday, I met my family at Bovey Castle in Devon for afternoon tea. A beautiful place with delicious food and the perfect way to start the weekend. 

As I drove through the impressive archway and up the drive to the castle itself, a charming young man, wearing the biggest tweed plus fours I have ever seen, offered to valet park my car. Now as I mentioned in the last post, my car is an old banger. It's used for transporting bales of hay, 3 dogs and numerous bags of animal feed not to mention bags of coal and compost and given that all the other cars were Bentleys, brand new Range Rovers and an assortment of other shiny, pristine cars no more than 2 minutes old, I didn't feel I should subject the very nice young man to the kind of trauma that he might experience if he got behind the wheel of my car. So, having mentioned this to him, he guffawed with laughter, told me he'd seen it all before and very politely pointed me in the direction of the car park where I hid my car behind a big white van so it wouldn't cause offence. The very nice young man then escorted me into the castle and I went off in search of my family and a delicious afternoon tea. 

And very scrumptious it was too.

Waiting for afternoon tea :-)


  1. Your grandson is a real cutie.

    The tea looks so good. I just bought a little book called Tea Fit For A Queen full of recipes for various sweet and savory dishes and spreads as well as various drinks to serve at an afternoon tea. I haven't made any of the recipes but just might start with the champagne cocktail----sugar, brandy champagne and strawberry halves----what's not to like???? Although they did say that this generally wouldn't have been served at an afternoon tea but would add a bit of luxury to the event.