8 November 2015

Relaxing Sunday Pottering

Today, I have a rare Sunday off work. I hate working Sundays, it just feels so wrong somehow. Sundays are for meant to be for relaxing, watching cookery or gardening programmes or putting something nice on tv to listen to while pottering in the kitchen. That's my ideal Sunday. Sadly, since starting my job 10 weeks ago, I have worked pretty much every Sunday since. Not today though. Today, I am pottering in the kitchen making lamb casserole with herby garlic dumplings, listening to Jurassic World in the background and enjoying the fact that I don't have to go outside in this hideous weather again until I need to shut up the chickens, check on the llamas and take the dogs for a quick run in the field later on this afternoon. For now though, the llamas are munching happily, the chickens are scratching around doing chickeny things, the dogs are walked, fed and snoring happily and the cats are dotted around the house having mouse-filled kitty dreams.

And relax .............

 Leo munching happily

Indie bagging the spot closest to the fire, 


  1. Your home looks so cosy in that photo of Indie dozing in front of the fire. Mind you, I would have thought that a fire would be the last thing needed with a dense coat like that. My Collie has been pestering me to leave the back door open all day - despite the foul weather - as he prefers to lie out on the lawn . . . . then wants towelling dry when he eventually comes in. (*rolling eyes*)

  2. Leo and Indie both look like they're enjoying their Sunday :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!