11 November 2015

Bad Habits Creeping back In

Since I started work a couple of months ago, I have a noticed a weird and rather alarming change in my spending habits. Despite the fact that I only have a part-time job and earn a pittance, I have noticed that my first port of call is no longer Aldi but Morrissons. This is possibly because it's a wee bit closer and not as difficult to find a parking space but I also suspect that it's because I have a bit of extra money in my purse and if I decide I would like a bit of a treat, Aldi isn't the place to go. They are fabulous for the basics and I still do my main basic shop at Aldi, which is when I spend most of my food budget but they don't do much in the way of indulgent items like beauty products or tempting nibbles or DVD's. Don't get me wrong, Aldi are excellent for good quality, meal building items like meat and veg and their wine is very nice too, ideal because I always cook from scratch, but, I have noticed that since I have a little bit more money in my purse, I have started getting things like cheese and bread from Morrissons, rather than Aldi, because they have a bigger variety and therefore, more choice. The problem is, they have more choice but they are also more expensive so this is a habit I am going to have to break very quickly because I don't want my hard earned wages boosting the coffers of some big supermarket chain rather than boosting my meagre bank account!

I have also noticed some other alarming issues creeping in. The other day, rather than whipping up a tray of shortbread or some choc-chip-cookies because I had a sudden sweet craving, I nipped to the shop and actually bought a packet of biscuits and a cake, something I never used to do because I could never afford to waste my money. Even worse ..... and I can hardly bring myself to write this ........ but ....... I have actually found myself reaching for a ready meal in the supermarket rather than cooking it myself. I am, quite frankly, horrified at how little time it has taken for me to become sucked into the "convenience" food trap and I need to nip this in the bud right now!

So, I am now making a concious effort NOT to go and splurge on something just for the sake of it when I'm tired or fed up and I am trying to stop myself hopping in the car at 8pm when I'm a bit bored and nipping off to the shops to buy who-knows-what just because I can afford it. I need to start being much more frugal in my everyday life again and not because I have to this time but because I can be. I would really like to have some savings behind me, get rid of my credit cards and put my self sufficiency plan into action ........ I think I'm going to need a cup of tea first though :-)

I know there are lots and lots of amazingly thrifty, frugal people out there, how do you stop yourselves going off on a splurge? I would really love some tips and advice. 


  1. Its very difficult to get the balance right when you are working even part time but what i tend to do is batch bake on days when i am at home all day and fill the freezer with basic meals then use your air tight tins you can bake enough sweet treats to last a week as they store well in those containers , Lets face it they taste so much better than shop bought , you will no longer be tempted by the photographs on the packaging if you have something already made xxx

  2. I know, I'm bad at being thrifty and much too tempted to buy rubbishy stuff.

  3. They do suck us in and convenience food is so easy.

  4. That's why the sweeties are nearly always near the till. I am with Shabby - the traditional way of doing a weekly bake not just for sweetie things but also for things like home made shepherds pie, steak pie, preparation of veggies to bung in the freezer much quicker on a work night to take from the freezer and straight into the steamer. I have found from personal experience that Aldi and Lidl are fantastic for the basics and some of the exotics and most people make do because they have to. I am not particularly loyal to one supermarket. There is something good in each of them so I do tend to cherry pick. When the purse strings enforce the budget it does not always give you time for manoeuvre and we all have standards that we aspire to even if the pocket cannot back them up. If you are a foodie and I take it you are you like variety too. Convenience food is also not very healthy too much over-processed foods (especially ready prepared have too many other things in them so if you are going to have a meal make sure it is a home prepared one it will taste much nicer and in the round you will get more for your money. With regards to other things start asking, do I need it - do I really need it. Go back a second time and if it is still there then it was probably meant to be with you. However if it is gone - problem solved. We cannot have everything but we can have something. A lot of it is emotional and impulse. Don't want sweetie stuff make some different salads up or healthy nibbles like veggie sticks and home made dips. Its not easy though. My OH was out of work over 3 1/2 years and we survived just on my wage - never got any help from the benefits or anything because we were not married (despite the fact that tenancy was in partner's sole name - I was told to give up my job if we wanted help with the rent. Experiences like that make you more careful and discerning.. You will sort it. I have every faith in that.



  5. The best thing is that you are aware that you are doing it, so can resist it. After work cooking is sometimes the last thing you want to do, so the baking ahead idea is good, as well as meals in the freezer. However I never seem to have enough of the right storage tins and boxes for that, so I think I would have to use some of my wages to build up a supply of those first.
    I haven't commented for a long time, but always check to see if you have a new post as I like to read bloggers from my home county.