18 November 2015

Navigating the World of Work Politics

After two years of working for myself at the Local Produce Market and four years as a student before that, I'm a little out of practice in dealing with the complicated matter of work place politics. Navigating my way through the intricate hierarchy and general bitchiness that occurs when a group of women are forced to work together is, quite frankly, driving me nuts! Now don't get me wrong. The ladies that I work with are very nice people as individuals in their own way but, put them together in the workplace and ask them to work as a team and it's Lord of the Flies all over again. When two strong-willed women have differing ideas on how things should be done, with one focusing on one aspect and the other insisting that the priority should be something else it's the classic immovable object meeting the unstoppable force and can be a right old pain in the ass for the underlings who work with them. I can't say too much though because, believe it or not, I am not allowed to mention who I work for in case the things I say tarnish the name and reputation of the company and no, I do not work for some shadowy government agency, I do not track UFO's and little green men for a living nor am I an assassin or a spy.

I work in a shop! 

I'm sorry, that's all I am allowed to say because, if I told you any more, then I'm afraid 

I would have to kill you!

Some days its just like this but with more boobs!!!


  1. I never enjoyed working with women and as a teacher that's mainly who I worked with. They backbite, gossip, down right lie and then to your face are sugar and spice. I was so glad when my husband became a teacher and I could hang out with him instead.

  2. Try to stay out of the sparring that goes on, Kay!

  3. Stay clear when the books / cakes / wool / clothes / ironmongery are flying

  4. Give me a group of women any day - before I retired I used to manage a team of 21 men (half a dozen of them were ex council dinosaurs) and they were really hard work. There were times when I felt like banging their heads together and I swear that some of them actually believed that they shouldn't have been expected to 'work' - it was blooming hard work trying to make them understand that it wasn't enough to just turn up - they also had to 'do' something whilst they were there.
    They also used to go off sick for the slightest thing - I'm sure that half of them thought that 2 sneezes equalled a week off work on sick leave..........its no wonder I retired at 59 -they'd of killed me off, if I'd have had to stay any longer! Xxx