31 October 2015

Wet and Windy Cornwall

I'm not a big fan of dark winter nights. Although I love lighting the fire and snuggling up on the sofa and I absolutely LOVE hearty warming casseroles and soups, I do prefer the light nights of summer, less gloomy and I seem to get more accomplished when it's light outside ...... weird I know! There is nothing more depressing than getting home from work and immediately having to close the curtains. I also don't like getting up when it's dark, somehow it feels like it's still the middle of the night and my body tells me that I should just turn over and go back to sleep ....... oh how I wish I could. 

It's been dank, dreary and blustery here in Cornwall for the last couple of days and I have been trudging through ever deepening mud on my way to do the animal chores. The llamas have now been moved into side of the field where the field shelter is and they will stay there now, probably until spring. In the nice spring and summer months they don't use the field shelter at all and they potter about in the field and eat the luscious grass. In winter, they usually only use the field shelter when it snows or the rain is torrential, otherwise, they usually just hang out under the trees. Still, it's there for them if they want to use it. Also, from now until spring, the field shelter gets a nice thick layer of hay for them to sleep on and net full of hay for them to munch on, along a daily bucket-full of llama food.

The chickens are recovering nicely from the rat infestation trauma. They still aren't laying and haven't been for a very long time but they are much happier now and are almost back to normal. Hopefully they will produce an egg or two for me at some point but I don't really mind if they don't I shall just keep on spoiling them. They're just so cute.

The cats, on the other hand, are behaving atrociously. For some bizarre reason, there is a lot of fighting going on at the moment. I can't figure it out. Nothing has changed. No new additions to the household. No new routines. No new cat food .......... No idea what's going on!! Hopefully, things will calm down and sort themselves out. I might invest in one of those cat calming diffusers, see if that helps.
Looking at these cute little fluff balls it's hard to believe they could be such growling snarling beasts as they have been this week :-)

In the meantime, I seem to be going into hibernation mode. At this time if the year I get the overwhelming urge to stock up the freezer, buy a whole pile of logs and coal and settle in for the winter. Tine to get the chimney swept.

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  1. 'SOMEBODY' must have been listening to you; today has been mild and sunny . . . and it's forecast the same tomorrow. So, I hope your mud dries up a bit and you feel a bit better about the dark evenings when the wind & rain cease for a while. You're right about the cats; they look as though butter wouldn't melt!!! Is it that time of year when the males start falling out about the females? They are certainly yowling and spitting outside my home at night just lately! Sends my dog mad and interferes with my sleep.