29 October 2015

Cutest Pancakes EVER!!!!!

A quick post today before I dash off to work for a long shift. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered a very cute pancake pan from my daughter's Avon catalogue and this morning I finally had a chance to use it.

It took a while to get the hang of them but I have to say, even without the adorable pictures on the bottom of the pan, the little pancakes were very cute. 

They were totally delicious and the pan is non-stick too so it was really easy to clean. 


  1. Oh these are so sweet! Did you say Avon? I am suprised
    I love a good kitchen gadget ( does this count as a gadget?) :)
    Abel x

  2. Yes, it was definitely from Avon :-) I'm hoping to find one with snowmen or snowflakes on for Christmas

  3. I know my grandchildren would enjoy making pancakes - their regular cooking job when they come to stay with me - even more with that cute pan. Unfortunately, I don't have an Avon lady any more - I'm allergic to the perfumes. :- (