27 October 2015

Tile Tetris!!!

I mentioned in my last post that I have plans to tile the hall and downstairs loo and was having great difficulty in choosing what tiles I want. I have changed my mind so often it's driving a certain person a bit bonkers because he's trying to come up with a plan to lay the tiles in an original and "random" pattern so it looks natural and not regimented and I keep changing my mind about the tiles. As you know, tiles come in all shapes, sizes colours, patterns ..... so many tiles ..... so many ideas ...... well you can see the problem. Last week, I just happened to mention that I liked a certain tile. They are very, very lovely, look very natural and are neutral enough to accommodate my fickle and ever changing tastes which means I can change curtains and lamp shades and such without having to re-tile the floor each time (very important!!).

A couple of hours later, up pops an email with what can only be described as a game of Tetris .... with floor tiles!! 

Methinks someone has a bit too much time on their hands at weekends lol. 

Apparently, this one is the hallway?!

And this one the downtairs loo?!

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