26 October 2015

I'm Still Here ..... Is There Anyone Still Out There??

Hi there, wow it's been a while since I posted. Things have been very busy, mainly because, as I mentioned in my last post, for financial reasons, I have had to give up my attempt at starting a little sewing/crafty business for now and get an actual job. That's not to say that I won't be attempting to give it another go early next year, I am definitely still planning to go ahead and do it, but it just means that it will take a bit longer to get off the ground. And I'm sorry, but things have been so hectic that I haven't sorted out a giveaway yet, I just haven't had the time. My little part-time job, that was supposed to bring in a few extra pounds to help with setting up the sewing venture has turned into more and more hours each week until I'm practically working full-time. Not what I wanted but for now, I am grateful to be earning some money, especially just before Christmas, a time of year that is always so expensive. 

Apart from work, I haven't really been up to much else. I have managed to do a few things around the house. I finally finished off grouting the walls in the downstairs loo, painted the ceiling and beams and skirting board and everything is now just waiting for the floor in the loo and the hall to be tiled. This will happen when 

a) I have made enough money to buy the tiles and 

b) more importantly,  when I have decided what tiles I want. 

I change my mind at least twice a week so, for now, I'm just looking online for inspiration and spending way to much time on Pinterest ...... my new favourite guilty pleasure :-)

I have also waged war on the rats that took up residence in my front garden. One of my neighbours dug up a nearby bank to make a car parking space, where I think the rats had been living and as a result, she disturbed them and they moved house. Unfortunately, when they moved house, they moved into my garden!! There were hundreds of them ..... well that might be a slight exaggeration but there were a lot. And they were all happily frolicking in the sunshine on the lawn in the middle of the day and were terrorising my poor chickens. I really didn't want to kill them, If I could have found a way to co-exist with them I would have done but my poor chickens were terrified of them and they were also starting to get very close to my front door so something had to be done. Three days of rat bait mixed with a hefty dollop of peanut butter and hey presto, no more rats. I have to say I was amazed. I haven't seen a rat for almost a week now. It's a huge relief actually ...... believe me, it's scary when you go to shut up the chickens at night and a rat runs across your foot!!! 

Anyway, hopefully I will now be back posting on a regular basis. The clocks went back this weekend and the nights are going to be long and dark so I will have plenty of time, whilst sitting in front of the fire, to think of things to write. Hopefully there are still some people out there who will read what I post. 

Bye for now :-)


  1. Hellooooooo! Lovely to see you again - of course we're still out here, waiting until you were able to get into your new routine, around your job - and rat-catching. *shudder*
    Yes, the dark evenings mean we can get all cosy and maybe concentrate on more sedentary occupations after a summer of gardening jobs and other outdoor activities.
    Welcome back to Blogland!

  2. It's good to see you back again.

    The rats would give me the shudders as well. I bet they would wreak havoc as well with the chicken's eggs if they got into the hen house and looked around a bit. I hope they stay gone for you.

  3. Good to read your blog again. It's funny how part-time jobs have a way of becoming full-time. Rats, ew, glad you're rid of them, I know your chickens are happier.

  4. Lovely to see you back! I was thinking about you recently when I had a holiday in our neck of the woods.

  5. Sorry, last comment was supposed to be "your neck of the woods" but I saw the error just as it disappeared.

  6. The rather rubbish action film "Wanted" taught me that rats will happily allow themselves to be turned into bombs if you offer them up peanut butter