27 October 2013

The Calm Before The Storm??!!

With a storm force weather warning in place for Cornwall and the rest of the UK, I have spent the last couple of hours sorting out the garden and the field in order to try and keep the animals safe in case this storm turns out to be anything like the one in 1987. I have moved anything that could get blown around or blown away, I have brought in the feed buckets after the llamas had finished their breakfast, I have tied the tarpaulin firmly around the hay, I have fetched in a bag of coal and I have found out a whole pile of candles in case the power goes out. The chickens should be ok as their chicken house was hand made by a market friend of mine and weighs roughly the same as a double decker bus and is much less manoeuvrable and their large run should be pretty wind proof as the wind should just rush through the mesh so hopefully the animals are sorted. This afternoon I'm going to bake some bread so if the power goes out we can at least have sandwiches to eat with some quiche that I made yesterday. 

Taken from the Met Office website this morning.

During the storm of 1987, I was living in Gosport in Hampshire. It was awful. The devastation the next morning was unbelievable. As I walked into Gosport town the following day, there were boats and yachts literally just dumped in the middle of the road by the strong winds and high tides! Roads were blocked because trees had blown down all over the place and hundreds of homes were damaged. I'm just hoping that they have got it wrong this time but judging by the met office website I think we could be in for a rough couple of days. I have to say, at the moment though, the weather is eerily calm. There is hardly any wind at all and it's sunny!

Taken from my front door at 8.41 this morning (Sunday 27th Oct)!

On a much nicer note, I just thought I would give a little mention to my daughter Lucy who has recently started her own blog called Retro Kitchen Corner. She has some fabulous recipes on there and this week, I decided to try and make some focaccia bread from a recipe she gave me a link to. It was absolutely fabulous, although, as I discovered, focaccia dough is nothing like normal bread dough. Normal bread dough is smooth and silky, focaccia dough is wet and gloopy and a bit like wrestling with an uncooperative jellyfish! That aside, I took some along to the market for the other stall holders to try this week and they absolutely loved it. Lucy's blog is HERE so if you want to nip on over and have a look at her delicious recipes, the hazelnut and chocolate torte tastes amazing and yesterday she posted a delicious looking recipe for cinnamon buns that I'm going to have a go at making this week. 

Now I'm going to sit and watch the news and hope that the weather forecasters have once again got it wrong and if not, take care everyone and fingers crossed that everyone out there stays safe.


  1. We put extra screws in the shed roof and fetched logs inside. Big stew pan and kettle going onto the log burner as back up! Good Luck.

  2. I do hope everyone will be safe, but especially in Cornwall which seems like it will be the first landfall. You seem very well prepared, so let's hope that the forecasters are wrong, and it dies off as it hits land.

  3. Well, I'm near the Cornwall/Devon border and although we had some blustery wind gusts and heavy rain showers, not a lot happened! I know the seas were wild for a while and there are trees down, but in my little patch, all is OK. The only movement was that the top few things on my compost pile were blown off the pile. Thank Goodness.
    Hope you & yours were also OK.