23 October 2013

Foul Weather Alert!

It's official ...... I think Autumn has really arrived. It's not cold but the weather is absolutely awful. It's windy, it's bucketing down with rain and has been for the last three days, and I'm miserable. I don't mind cold weather, I don't mind windy weather but I really don't like wet weather. There is nothing worse than squelching through the mud to feed the animals with rain dripping down your neck. Perfect weather really for being indoors so, while the weather has been so bad, I have been sewing like a maniac to put things on my table at the market. I have also finally given into demand and I have put a few Christmas things on there too. I have mixed feelings about it really but if people want to buy Christmas stuff and I don't supply it someone else will so I might as well make a few extra pounds. 

 Christmas Bunting
 Christmas Cards
Spice Scented Christmas Decorations

On one of the few nice days we have had recently, I was taking some things out of the boot of the car which was parked on my driveway in front of my shed and out of the corner of my eye I spotted something in the grass. it turned out to be this little chap.

I grabbed my camera, which being the sad person I am I always have in my bag, but by the time I had got it he had tucked his head in and was just a little ball of spikes. I crouched in the grass behind my car and sat quietly waiting for him to pop his head out and as I was doing my very best David Attenborough impression in the undergrowth I spotted another little ball of prickles.

I know that we have had hedgehogs living under my shed for a few years now and I'm guessing that these could be this years babies. They were sooooooo cute. I sat and watched them for about 10 minutes until they both snuffled off under the shed. There seems to be an awful lot of wildlife around at the moment. There are buzzards in the trees across the river which the llamas eye with great suspicion and there are cute little toads hopping around all over the place. I keep a pile of rotting logs on top of an old pallet as a toady hotel and they seem to love it. They return the favour by munching all the slugs on my patio and garden and in my opinion, that's a very agreeable arrangement. The bats that live in the wall at the back of my house are still very active at night, swooping around and eating all the bugs that are attracted to the porch light when I take the dogs out and the owls are hooting up a storm each night as they glide down the valley hunting for their supper. 

One of the good things about the weather getting cold and the nights drawing in is that I now have the perfect excuse to cook comforting casseroles and delicious rib-sticking pies. I'm also baking bread every day and this time of year, all my favourite winter veg is now on sale at the market. Food-wise, I love this time of year ...... weather-wise ...... NOT :-)

Chilli Stuffed Marrow 

Freshly Baked Bread


  1. Your Christmas cards look really professional. Lucky people who get them at the market.
    Like you I also love autumn food, and the crusty bread must be great with stews, soups and casseroles. I also have a toad living in my log store, and I always hope that I have some hedgehogs living under the shed, but have never seen any sign of them - not that I go down the back of the garden in the dark. A friend of mine runs a hedgehog rescue facility in Mawnan so if you ever find an injured one, she's your gal!

  2. The weather has been vile here also. A time for stews & puddings though I do agree.

  3. Hello Kay, I think you do need to get ahead with the Christmas things, I have already started buying some things. If you leave it too long as you say you will end up missing out.
    I know what you mean about the cakes and comfort food though, I have been baking too much and the casseroles have been on the go now a couple of weeks. We never have those in summer!