28 October 2013

Everything is Still Standing.

Well, Storm St Jude thankfully seems to have left my house, garden and field pretty much intact. There were a few small branches broken and a lot of leaves got wrenched from the trees and plastered all over my windows but other than that we are all fine .... thank goodness! Even the trains up to Bristol were running fine at 11ish this morning and my youngest daughter was only delayed by a few minutes on her journey North. The house is very quiet now that it's back to being just me though and Indie is sulking again as he always does when she leaves. Still, a quick blitz of the house tomorrow and then I will be on a mission to finish painting the ceiling of the living room which I actually started over a year ago. That sounds terrible doesn't it but the living room is 32 feet by 16 feet with lots and lots and lots of beams with hideous artex in between. I can't afford to have the artex skimmed because the quotes I had were quite high so painting it in a flat matt white paint to make it look better and less obtrusive  has worked quite well. Its a mammoth task though and it's really hard work and I managed to get two thirds of it done last year before I hurt my back. I am now determined to finish it off and get the house sorted before Christmas. This is in addition to all my sewing for the market and now all the bread making I have rather rashly volunteered to do but hey ho, life would be very dull without a challenge! 

Fingers crossed that everyone else came though the storm in one piece.


  1. I'm glad that everything is still standing/okay :)

  2. Glad all Ok after the storm.
    I started painting our sitting room (half the length of yours!)last summer and it is still unfinished too - each wall has a different number of coats, but atleast they are all the same colour now!
    Good luck with yours!
    Gill x

  3. Heard some rain in the night but it didn't seem to touch us, after all the preparations too. At least we have finished putting the shed roof on now!