26 June 2013

That Time of Year Again

Well, it's my favourite two weeks of the year ....... Wimbledon. I love Wimbledon. During the next two weeks, nothing will be done in the house, not much tidying except the bare minimum, quick and easy meals and lots of sitting watching the lovely tennis. I will have to fit in some card making and some sewing for the market stall somewhere along the line but other than that, it will be two weeks of blissful laziness. 
Picture Courtesy of the Official Wimbledon Website
Sadly, I've never actually been to Wimbledon. Each year, as I sit and watch it, I say to myself that next year, I will go but I never seem to manage it. Hopefully one day I will finally make it. This year, I have high hopes for Andy Murray. He was on great form at Queens and I'm thinking that this year might indeed be the year. Fingers Crossed. So strawberries and cream at the ready, Leyton Hewitt is currently playing on Court 2 and Andy Murray on Court 1 at 1.30pm and that's my day sorted. 

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  1. I'm more a rugby & cricket girl my self, never have liked tennis, I hope you have an enjoyable couple of weeks though.