27 June 2013

Craft Room Envy

I am very fortunate in that I have a whole room to myself for all my craft stuff. This is actually a good thing because I have to confess to being the worlds messiest crafter. My craft room, which is actually nothing grand, just a spare bedroom, is an absolute disgrace.  It's totally chaotic, very messy and littered with scraps of fabric, bit's of cotton and a whole host of crafty mess. I used to do my sewing and crafting in the living room so I could listen to the TV in the background while I worked but a few months ago, there was an incident where one of my cats, Luna, swallowed a huge piece of cotton, which proceeded to get wrapped around her tongue and then stuck in her intestines, requiring a £200 operation to untangle it all.  After almost losing poor Luna, I decided that I couldn't afford any more mishaps like that and I relocated all my chaos to the spare bedroom (along with the spare TV and dvd player!). Now, I read lots of fabulous crafting blogs and some of them show pictures of beautiful, fabulously coordinated, Cath Kidson-esque craft spaces that put mine totally to shame. Mostly, I would just love an organised, craft specific room but so far, even this has totally eluded me. As a spare bedroom goes, it's a nice, bright and comfortable room (when it's not covered in the above mentioned detritus!) but as a designated craft space it leaves a lot to be desired. So, next week, I will be attempting to re-organise my craft room from this .........

Into something much more like this. Quite frankly I'm not sure which one I like the best.







  1. I can relate to the craft room as it is now. I do not have a craft room (mine is scattered all over the house) but I have a "classroom" because I homeschool 4 of my g'kids. It is in much need of organization.

    I love the first room you displayed - the red and white one. That would be my dream.

    Myra, from Canada

  2. By best friend has an entire 3rd floor dedicated as a craft room. I live in a tiny house with limited space. I feel your envy.

  3. I like the first one too,trouble is I would want to stay in there all of the time.

  4. I would love a big craft room but i would not want it to look like a show house. There should be a bit of clutter and a few WIPs around.There should also be a tea/coffee making station.