30 June 2013

Mowing the Lawn .... Cornish Style

Recently, some friends of mine from the market mentioned that they were having trouble keeping the grass down in their garden. It's a fairly large garden, about two acres and the grass was getting rather long, in fact too long for them to manage really so another friend from the market offered to lend them a lawnmower. Well three of them actually. 

Cute aren't they. Mummy, daddy and baby. I nipped up to pay them a visit this morning and to take them a bag of apples which they absolutely loved, although, they were also very keen to sample the chocolate cake that went with my coffee and seemed rather put out when they weren't allowed any. In addition to getting the lawn mowed, there is also the added bonus of piles of horse poo which, once it's rotted down, will be perfect for them to put on their veggie patch. 

A little update on the chicken front. This week, I have been getting an egg a day from my lovely girls. I don't know which of them is laying the eggs but they are delicious, despite being tiny and I had three eggs scrambled for brekkie this morning after I got back from the car boot sale ..... I can't face breakfast at 6.30am so I usually have a bacon butty when I get there and then breakfast at about 10.30ish when I get back. The car boot sale was great, I got a couple of lovely things. A cute little pale blue enamel bucket with the word "eggs" on the front and a really sweet quilted throw. I will post some pictures tomorrow after my camera battery is charged. 


  1. Ah lovely looking horses. Still jealous of your hens, I think my sister is getting some next month but still a year off for me.

  2. I really have mower envy.How nice to have those lovely little ponies mowing the lawn.No noisey petrol mower or me having to walk up and down with it.Heaven. I could actually sit and have a coffee in the garden and listen to the birds.Wish we lived nearer then we could perhaps be next in line .

  3. Hi,
    It was lovely to meet you the Saturday before last at Trerulefoot market . What a great place to stop for weary travellers- as its just off the main road into South Cornwall and has coffee, loos, locally produced meats , vegs and cheeses and your lovely craft work. I loved the 'seed card 'I bought and wished I had bought more.We are househunting in the area so hope to pass by again. Say hi to your menagerie from us two -plus the mad retriever!

  4. Hi Seafordwoman, it was lovely to meet you both too. Good luck with the house hunting and say hi to your lovely dog :-) x