24 June 2013

Finally ........

Just a quick post. 

I'm so thrilled.

On June 4th, I got my two lovely chickens and yesterday ......

this :-)

And this morning .........

 The teeniest fried eggs for breakfast ever :-)



  1. How sweet lucky you, hopefully this time next year I shall have some chickens too.

  2. Oh it's the best feeling in the world, when your chucks lay for the first time! Bet they tasted wondeful too ...

    Love Claire xx

  3. How lovely, you really cannot beat fresh eggs and yours are the freshest. Here's to many more xxx

  4. I agree with Claire : )

    When we got our very first hens and then our first ever egg, we had to cook it and cut it up into one taste for each of the three of us...

  5. I remember being so excited when the hens laid the first egg, nothing tastes as good as a fresh egg from the garden