11 June 2013

Scrappy, Frayed Edged Lovlieness.

Since I started at the market, I'm always on the lookout for new ideas for things to make and put on my market stall and I'm especially keen to find thing that use up all my leftover pieces of fabric. I made some little Suffolk Puffs and made them into little brooches to put on my stall, which took hardly any fabric and were really cute and really popular (although my daughter was disappointed that they weren't cream-filled puff pastries, which is what she thought they were).

Recently, I have been researching patchwork quilts and bags, in particular, frayed edge patchwork quilts and bags. I love making patchwork things. I like the idea of using up all the small pieces of fabric that would otherwise go to waste, to make something beautiful and useful but, although I'm ok at putting the patchwork itself together, I have always struggled with the batting, the backing and the quilting of something so large. I can never figure out how to do it without getting myself into a terrible muddle so I was looking for something easier and less massive. And guess what ...... I think I have found it. Frayed edge patchwork. It's lovely. Each quilt is made up of little sandwiches of fabric and batting and each square is individually quilted  so there is no massive quilt wrestling at the end. Having looked online for a tutorial, it looks really simple so today, I am going to give it a go. 
This is hopefully what mine will end up looking like, fingers crossed. If you follow this link, here is the very useful tutorial on how to make it so fingers crossed, mine will look just as nice. 

Picture from bloomandblossom.blogspot.co.uk 


  1. I love this quilt. I've seen something similar and have been collecting jeans for a couple of years to do this one:

    My problem is that we do not wear jeans out very often so it may be quite a while before it gets made : )

    I still rate the idea of making simple padded cushions to make those ubiquitous white plastic garden chairs more comfortable.

  2. I think thats a fab idea Kay. I have never seen that before but its a brilliant idea to use up small scraps.

  3. What a lovely idea.Bet the bags will look great and will be really strong.