5 June 2013

Veg Planting Frenzy

I always seem to be playing catch-up when it comes to gardening. Whether it's planting veg, sowing seeds or simply sorting out the garden, everyone always seems to be more organised than me and this year, despite all my good intentions, once again I'm way behind everyone else. I start out the year with the best of intentions but for some reason, things just pile up and I start to get into a mild state of panic. This escalates to total meltdown when, on a Friday evening, I watch gardener's World. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Gardener's World. I love seeing what Monty does in his beautiful garden, I have a note book to jot down any plant names that I like the look of and although I have massive greenhouse envy every time I see his new brick and wood greenhouse, I totally love the program. That is, until it gets to the bit where it tells you what jobs you should be doing in the garden at the weekend. At that point I get slightly hysterical as I try and figure out how on earth I'm going to fit it all in.

Cucumber Plants
Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a bit of a mini meltdown and decided that it was time to get organised. Now, I try to get everything in the house sorted before 8am (the 3 D's......... Dogs, Dishes and Dusting, well hoovering and tidying actually but that doesn't begin with D). This means I have a clear day to either sew and create stuff for the market or, if the weather is nice as it has been for the last few days, I can spend it in the garden. So far it's working well but as I said I'm still playing catch-up so today I was in full planting mode. At a car boot sale on Sunday, in addition to the wood I got to make the chicken run with, I got some massive black plastic pots for £1 each so I have planted leeks, mange tout, curly kale, salad leaves and runner beans into those pots and some cabbages, strawberries, beetroot and lettuce into some wooden veg crates, which my friend at the market who sells veg brings for me. So far, I'm really pleased with how things are going.

Courgette and more cucumber plants
Tomato Plants
The chicken run is almost finished and after I have shut them up for the night tonight, I will move the chicken house so it's in place at the in front of the new run. Still no eggs yet but as I said before, they are point of lay so hopefully any day now and the rest of today is going to be a massive garden tidy so ........ got to go got masses to do :-)
More stuff to plant


  1. At last you have got going.We're both a bit late starting but its always better late than never,so onwards and upwards xxx

  2. I love to watch Monty on gardeners world too but don't take his advice on what jobs to do! It's very much trial and error for me.

  3. I'm sure we all feel behind in the garden at some point. I've just done a massive planting out session and finally feel a little caught up!

  4. Everything is looking good - I think everyone is just a little behind this year, so don't feel too bad about it. I love growing in containers - you can squeeze so much into a small space. I have just about emptied the greenhouse of all the seedlings now, so I can just sit back and relax - not!