27 May 2013

Garden Lovliness and the Start of my Favourite Time of Year

I had a lovely day in the garden yesterday. It was sunny with a gentle breeze and I pottered about to my hearts content. I planted my cucumbers into bigger pots and did the same to my courgettes. I also potted on my tomato plants, again into bigger pots and moved some of my other stuff around. I haven't found a spot for my rosa rugosa yet but I have discovered that it has some pretty mean thorns! Still, that should come in handy to keep the nasty neighbours at bay. I think I am going to plant it along the boundary fence that runs down the side of my house between my house and their driveway. It will look lovely when the flowers bloom and I will be able to see them from my kitchen window.

I'm very behind with my veg planting. Not only is my garden completely out of control at the moment but the weather down here has been so cold. Even yesterday morning, there was frost on the windscreen of my car when I went out at about 7.30am. This brings me to the other part of the title. My favourite time of the year ............. Car Boot Sale Season. For those of you who don't know, I am a bit of a carbootaholic. I love rummaging about to find a bargain and I love the atmosphere of the whole thing, particularly the mandatory Sunday morning bacon butty from the catering van ....... you can smell the deliciousness as soon as you get out of the car. So it was with great glee that a hopped out of bed at 6.30am yesterday morning to give the dogs a quick run in the field before setting off to my nearest car boot sale. It was the third one of the season and so far, I have bought some preserving jars for 50p, three fabulous brass wall lights for £4 which are destined to be sold on to a lady I know, a cut glass trinket pot with a cute little pointy lid for 20p, a china teacup and saucer for 50p which is destined to be made into a candle and some wonderful unmounted rubber stamps for £1 per pack. Quite a haul and quite a bargain. I was back home by about 9.30am and as I said in the post yesterday, I had to wait a while before I could start clattering around in the garden. Fingers crossed for some more fine days so I can try and get my garden under control again :-)

Anyway, here are some more pictures I snapped in my garden in the early morning sun. 

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  1. You seem to be ahead of me as far as veggies go. You are right it has been so bloomin cold, it is so nice to see the sun this weekend xxx