30 May 2013

The Birds In My Garden

This morning, as I was hanging the washing on the line before going off to the market, I happened to look up at the sky. Behind my house and pretty much all around are trees so as you can imagine, we have lots of birds. As I stood there, like a demented loon, taking in the lovely morning, a bird hopping up a telegraph pole across the road caught my eye. It was a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I know this because after it had flown away, giving me a flash of it's bright red backside as it went, I dashed inside and googled it! I was thrilled. I know we have woodpeckers around here because I hear them all the time while I'm in the garden, pecking away at the trees but it's the first time I have ever seen one. It really  made my day. It also got me thinking about all the birds we have around here and I have decided that I am going to try and keep a record of the birds I see. (I also watched "The Big Year" again recently so I'm a bit obsessed).
Picture Courtesy of RSPB
Anyway, from now on, I will be keeping a bit of a bloggy journal and posting each week about the birds I have seen in the area. First things first though, I will definitely need to buy a pair of binoculars! Maybe from a car boot sale or something because although a lot of the birds around here are quite big and easy to spot, like the woodpecker and jays and buzzards and things, some of them are much smaller and it would be a nightmare to try and identify them without a pair of binoculars (there is a teeny tiny wren that hops around outside my kitchen window and it's the smallest cutest thing you can imagine but trying to spot it on a tree a few hundred feet away would be almost impossible!!). Trouble is, I'm now straying a little further into nerd territory than usual but what the heck, most of the people who know think I'm a total geek anyway so nothing new there :-)

I'm not sure how successful I will be at photographing the birds. I only have a very basic camera so the pictures might just end up being a series of specks in the distance. Again, I guess I will just have to see what I can do but, if they are specks, I will find a nice colourful internet picture to go with the speck in the photo so at least I have a decent record of what I see. Anyway, here is bird number two from this morning although the pictures doesn't really show it's size. It's a Jay. The first time I saw one of these I was amazed at how big they are and as I said, the picture doesn't really show the size particularly well. Still, they are beautiful nevertheless. I'm sure if I had had the time this morning I could have spent ages out there looking for birds but in the five minutes I was out there these two were the ones that I saw. Anyway ....... watch this space.
Picture Courtesy of wildlifeupclose.co.uk


  1. I enjoy watching the birds in my garden too. Though I have moved the feeder so I can't see them from the window anymore.

  2. Outing myself as a proud fellow bird nerd.
    We have what we call "The Bird Channel". Front room bay window, looking out over lonely hibiscus plant in the front garden where I have hung assorted feeders.
    We get loads of Tits, robins & starlings. I could sit for HOURS watching them!!
    Looking forward to the photos.

  3. You are so lucky seeing such birds in your garden. We have a few sparrows, a couple of robins, magpies and a couple of blackbirds, that is about it. I am hoping we get more coming along over the years, its a relatively new housing estate where we live and there must have been loads of birds living her before us.

  4. Aren't these summer mornings idyllic, when all the birds are singing their little heads off? I love the blackbird's song and over the last 2 or 3 weeks, I've forked over a small patch of garden each day, then sat & waited. Mr. Blackbird is not at all shy and has been coming down very close to me to fill his beak with all the worms and grubs I've turned up. If I get engrossed in my book, he scolds me until I get up and dig some more!
    There are swallows nesting in stables next door and I see robins, tits, sparrows (noisy youngsters playing in my cherry tree), starlings, thrushes, wrens, woodpeckers, jays, tree-creepers . . . so many lovely birds who fill the air with song. :)

  5. Lucky you! I keep hearing these around here (over the hill) and have not got to see one yet around here. The binocs will make all the difference.