18 February 2013

Spring is Spriging ........ Fingers Crossed

Well, Sunday was a lovely day. It was sunny, bright and kind of sparkly and there was a real whiff of Spring in the air. With my washing on the line blowing briskly in the breeze, I decided to snap a few photos of what I am hoping are the first signs of spring. I really don't like winter. The cold weather makes me want to hibernate and eat stodgy, warm, comforting food, which is fine, until it gets to Summer, at which point I regret the puddings, pies and casseroles.

On my post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had planted the seeds in the lovely herb planter that my daughter Meg had given me for Christmas and last week I noticed that the seeds were beginning to sprout and the basil was just beginning to poke through the soil.

This is what they look like today. It won't be long before I will be using them in my cooking.

There are also signs of spring popping up in the garden so in good old blogging tradition, I couldn't help taking some quick photos of the spring flowers.

My rosemary, that I planted in an old enamel bread bin is beginning to flower. It has beautiful pale lavender coloured flowers. I don't know if you're supposed to let it flower but I think the flowers look beautiful so I just let it get on with it.

I also found these. They were tucked away in an old hanging basket that I had put behind the shed, assuming that all the plants in the basket were dead. It seems that they weren't :-)


  1. It's lovely when things start growing again.

  2. Yes it is lovely when things start to grow. I absolutely love spring. I think it's my favourite time of year.

  3. Those Primroses are tough little plants, aren't they? I was clearing up an untidy heap of prunings, grass cuttings, old plants that had been turfed out of their pots, dead-heads of flowers and all sorts of garden rubbish, when I found . . . a lovely red primrose. It wasn't even in a pot, just a rootball and was lying on its side jammed down between the rubbish and the fence. It now has a new home at the side of my patio - 'cos it;s worth it!