19 February 2013

Greenhouse Envy

For well over a year now I have longed for a greenhouse and I get massive greenhouse envy whenever I ready blog posts about people planting seeds in their greenhouse or picking tomatoes from their tomato plants in the greenhouse, or simply pottering in their greenhouse ...... well you get the picture. Sadly, I have still not managed to get one because as soon as I manage to save enough money to buy one, something else comes along and I have to use my greenhouse fund to pay for it. The car breaks down or my washing machine stops working and before I know it, my greenhouse fund is back down to zero. So, for now, I content myself with looking online to find my dream greenhouse.

I love this traditional looking greenhouse.

And I think the rustic brick of this greenhouse is fabulous. Actually, I think it's my favourite out of all the greenhouses I have found. Darn my expensive tastes :-)

I found this next one in an article in The Telegraph. I think it's gorgeous. The article also came with a very useful piece on how to buy the right greenhouse, where to site it and lots of useful tips.

I am, however, a realist and I know that, short of a lottery win, when I finally get one, it will be a basic bog-standard aluminium frame greenhouse that I get. I don't mind that one bit.

I did find this one though. It was made entirely using free and recycled materials. It's gorgeous. I would be very tempted to stick a couple of chairs in there so I could sit and read a book after I had planted my seeds,  picked my tomatoes and pottered about. 

And this one is truly inventive. It even comes with a "How To" article so you can make your own. It's made from plastic water bottles. Amazing :-)


I also think this one, made from windows, is ingenious too.


Anyway, if I ever finally manage to get a greenhouse you can bet that I post plenty of pictures here on my blog but I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you as my greenhouse fund is currently, once again ...... Zero :-)

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  1. These green houses are wonderful . . . I wish that I had room for one :) What I really love is your tea cozies and your egg cozies . . .
    Now I ask you, how cute is that?
    Well, I haven't visited for a while and wanted to pop in and say hi, and invite you over to join in my give-away. Have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)