17 February 2013

My First Local Produce Market

Last week, I posted about the fact that I had managed to get a table at my local produce market and yesterday was my very first one. I was thrilled and terrified in equal measures. I had spent the previous week sewing like a maniac to gather enough stock to make the table look nice and at 9.30am on Saturday morning I arrived to set up my table.

I sold sold a few things. Not a huge amount but, apparently, for a first time I did ok. I'm sure I will have to add to my range until I know what things sell well and I am positive I will have to wear at least another three layers of clothes next week because, despite the fact that it was a nice sunny day and despite the fact the tables are now inside a marquee it was freezing. I did, however, have a fabulous time. The people on the other tables were lovely and really helpful. I bought some fabulous organic free range "mislaid" eggs from the lady on the next table, some locally grown veg and some delicious coffee and walnut slices made by the lady with the table on the other side of me.

The cute little cat helping me advertise my catnip mice was made by another one of the ladies at the market. It's hand painted and she also make the most gorgeous stained glass panels.

I took these pictures before the ladies of the co-operative gave my some help with the pricing. I will definitely be going back next week with some more things to sell. Handmade cards are on the "to do" list for this week but today, I am having a day off. The sun is shining and although it's quite chilly, I am going to wrap up warm and go out and tidy my garden and maybe even do a bit of digging. 

In case you're wondering, "Mislaid" eggs are eggs that were not laid in the nesting boxes and as a result have a bit of chicken poo on them. I bought 30 eggs, all laid on Friday for £3.50!!!!! What a bargain. I will be making lots of eggy things this week starting with a quiche this afternoon for tea and an apple and raspberry crumble for pudding made with the cooking apples I bought.

There is a link HERE for the facebook page of the market and if you live near Kernow Mill in Cornwall, the market is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and sells lots of lovely local produce. 


  1. Hey Kay, your stall looks great......love the straw.
    Bright, cheery fabrics you use.
    Doing markets can be alot of fun and work and congrats on your sales.

  2. Your stall looked fantastic. Well done. Hope it goes well next week.
    Dianne - Hereford

  3. So glad you had a good time .. stall looks great.

    Vicky x

  4. Wow!

    Your stall looks fabulous and think the straw is inspiring! Good luck in the future I'm sure you'll become a firm favourite at the market

    Claire xxx