18 January 2013

Where's My Snow??

I have been sitting here over the last couple of days, excitedly watching the news as the amounts of snow forecast for the next day or so goes up and up and up ..... 30 inches was the lastest figure on the news last night ........ and I have just checked out the met office website to see how much I will be getting and guess what ...... not a single flake is forecast for where I live! There is snow a few miles either side but for some reason, it won't be falling on me. I am so disappointed!! I love the snow. I miss the winters when I was a child when you could be guaranteed some decent sledging weather each winter and at least a day or two off school because the teachers couldn't get there because of the snow. 

All my friends think I'm mad. Some moan that it costs them too much money because they have their own businesses and when it snows, people don't go out so business is slow and some complain it's inconvenient because traffic stops and roads come to a standstill and I appreciate their problems but I can't help it. I still love it when it snows. Everything is so quiet when it snows. It's eerily still and there is this amazing quality to the light and ..... there is nothing quite so fabulous as plonking a footprint in a drift of newly fallen snow :-)


  1. I would happily send you some of ours, horrible stuff!!!! Actually I quite like the snow providing I don't have to drive in it xxx

  2. There was a little snow forecast but hardly any came so we've all trekked into school and now it is falling thick and fast. And the journey home will be horrible. I love snow when I am at home in the warm and don't have to go out in it.

  3. I'm sure you wont have to wait long for some. We rarely get any snow where I live & now there is plenty.

  4. We all got sent home at the end of the morning so I'm happily sat in front of the fire watching the snow fall. The hens went to bed early and the cats hate the snow and the rabbits are burrowed into their straw.

    What do your animals think of snow? Maybe you'll get some over the weekend.

  5. I know how you feel, everywhere else is white and pretty. My family in the midlands keep moaning/bragging about how much snow they have! I wouldn't mind so much if it was warm but I'm still blooming freezing.

  6. Same here; I'm midway between Callington and Saltash and there's no snow here. I went to Plymouth though and was surprised that the inside lane of the Saltash Tunnel was closed because it was covered in icy slush!
    Surely it could have been gritted by now so it could be opened? Do you think Devon and Cornwall Highways are arguing about who should grit it? If they do half each, where do they turn their gritters round? Lol, lol, lol.

  7. Jo, my llamas quite like the snow, their coats are so thick that the snow doesn't melt so every now and again they give it a good shake and send snow flying everywhere.

    Rambler, the thought of the gritters arguing over who has to grit the Saltash tunnel and then only gritting half made me chuckle. I could just picture it :-)

  8. I too love snow! And couldn't agree with you more!

    We have about 6-8inches here in Dorset which is the most I've seen here in a good few years :)
    It is melting already though, and much less snow on the ground today than there was yesterday :(

    Have a good weekend, and i hope you get some snow next week :)