19 January 2013

Weekly Charity Shop Hunt

This morning I did my usual weekly trawl of the charity shops. I was looking for a blanket for one of my dogs, Levi. He has this naughty habit of shredding his blanket when he gets over excited and  he drags it around the floor. Over a period of a few months it usually ends up ripped and tatty and I end up having to throw it away. I have tried everything I can think of to stop him doing this, even seeking the advice of the dog trainer whose puppy training classes we took the dogs to but nothing has worked. He's 7 now and I have resigned myself to the fact that every few months I will have to get him a new blanket. I don't actually mind this too much because I have found that washing dog blankets clogs up the washing machine and I would rather buy new blankets that a new washer! 

I love hunting for bargains and quirky things in charity shops and I have supported charity shops for years, even before they became trendy. I buy most of my books there and then when I have read them, I re-donate them so they can be re-sold and raise more money for the charity and I always donate any clothes that I don't need. There are quite a few charity shops in the town near where I live and they are usually a great place to find a bargain but I have noticed recently that the prices are getting rather steep. I appreciate that the charities have to raise money and that they have overheads for the shops and the electricity and such that they have to cover but £10 for a plain old bog standard summer dress I think is rather steep. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that someone would pay it but for me, it would be too much. 

Anyway, today, I managed to pick up a lovely pink 100% Wool Whitney blanket for Levi for £2 so he will be snuggly and cosy, well until he shreds it again and I also picked up another 2 copies of The knit and Stitch Magazine at 99p per issue. It has 2 balls of wool free in each magazine so I got 4 lovely balls of wool for £1.98. Bargain. The new issue is already out, costing £2.50, but the newsagent still had some of the old issue still on the shelves.

I also wanted to share a picture of the lovely salt and pepper grinders I bought from a charity shop before Christmas and didn't get around to photographing. They look like Cornishware but I'm not sure because I couldn't find any marks on them but even if they aren't I think they are lovely and I'm glad I spotted them. They will look lovely on my dresser when I have re-vamped it and painted it. 


  1. My dogs like to trash their blankets too, I make quilts for pleasure and love trying out new patterns. I join all the trial blocks and use odds and ends of batting and material to make quilts for the dogs. It keeps my scrap bins from taking over and the bright colours liven up the floor. Strangely these last much longer than wool blankets. Would you like one to try, I am happy to send you one, just let me know how big it needs to be.

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  3. hello,
    love your salt and pepper grinders.
    great knitt-kit.like your blog!
    have a nice weekend,

  4. I love those Salt & Pepper pots - as you say, they look like Cornish ware. Bargain mags and wool, too. Some of the charity shops have gone up-market now, with managers who come in and style the windows and shop rails, etc. - then the prices go up.
    The Animal Rescue shop near the Pipe Well is a bargain shop ;)

  5. I'm well impressed by your charity shop doings. I often find china and textiles but I'm far too lazy to search through all the clothes! I think I'd have to set myself a project like 'I will only buy clothes from charity shops for a year'

    Hmm maybe I'll try that, thanks!