16 January 2013

A Little Gentle Sewing

I mentioned that lately my creativity has disappeared and that no matter how much I sat and stared at the lovely fabrics I bought just after Christmas, I couldn't think of anything to make so, yesterday afternoon, I thought that I should just make something simple. 

I recently ordered some lovely woven labels, which arrived yesterday morning and last year, I bought some fabulous dried lavender but got slightly carried away and ordered a kilo. I had no idea what a kilo of lavender would look like ....... well let me just say ...... it's a lot! 

So I decided to put it to good use and make some lavender bags and some cute little lavender chicks, with the help of Yoda, one of my cats. 

I stitched some cute little daisies with stems and leaves and added one of my new tags. I love the tags, so cute :-)


  1. I love those cute little chickens.

  2. Hey Kay, your Lavender bags and chicks are lovely and your labels look great.......
    Good idea to start off simple if your creativity has gone AWOL....hope this will kickstart something for you.

    Claire :]

  3. Your lavender bags are lovely. I love the fabric you used.

  4. stunning colours, I love all of it, froogs xxx

  5. It's the Annual Cancer Research Art & Craft Exhibition in the Public Hall in Liskeard in March . . maybe with a deadline you might get your creative mojo back. It usually works for me; I do more painting when I only have a short time to get things done. Hope it works for you.