23 January 2013

Lunch at The Cliff Top Cafe

Today, my daughter Katie and I went off for a drive to Freathy, to the Cliff Top Cafe to grab a bite to eat. I was feeling a bit fed up because yesterday they cancelled the rug making course that I had  booked for today. I suppose it was a sensible decision because the weather yesterday wasn't very nice and the roads were very icy, so they have moved it to the 6th of February. The weather today, however, wasn't bad. The ice has melted and the temperature is above freezing so it was nice to get out of the house for a while.

I have been to this cafe before but not for many many years and I was reminded of it when someone left a lovely comment on one of my earlier posts. It's hardly changed a bit. Katie had a lovely jacket potato with cheese and beans and I had butternut squash and chickpea patties with pitta bread and salad. It was delicious and extremely filling.

Every time I go to Freathy, I have total house envy. I love the little wooden houses on the cliffs and there is a wonderfully eclectic little community there, living in the cutest little houses with the most breathtaking views. I could absolutely see myself living there.

And imagine waking up to this.


  1. That certainly is a wonderful view.....
    Shame about the course being cancelled but nice that you could get out Kay.
    Your meal looked very yummy and Freathy sounds like a place I would love to visit too......

    Claire :}

  2. I grew up with views hills behind and sea in front. As an adult now I find that I need regular "fixes" of hills particularly. Freathy looks lovely. I'm glad your course is postponed and not cancelled completely.

  3. The Cliff Top Cafe is my absolute favourite place to go - and have the All Day Breakfast! Any visitors I have get dragged along there for a meal or just a cappuccino, because the views from there are STUNNING! I used to live in Crafthole, and regularly went there to walk along the coastal path with my dog, then finish up in the cafe. Fabulous days out. I'm a bit further away now but still go there as often as I can, taking a book, sandwiches and a flask; walking my dog and taking in the views.

  4. Hi Rambler, it was your comment that you left the last time I posted pictures of Freathy that gave me the idea of going there. I really love it. I would love to live in one of those little houses on the cliffs and I will definitely be going back to the cafe and having the all day breakfast :-)