9 January 2013

Bloggers Block and Robin Hood?

I don't know whether it's the grey, miserable weather, the time of year or the post-Christmas blues but at the moment I have bloggers block. Admittedly I'm not doing much to actually blog about at the moment. Add to this the fact that my desire to hibernate is very strong and seems to be overriding all other things, so, just now, I seem to be spending an awful lot of time curled up in front of the fire either watching mindless tv or reading blogs from lovely warm places and wishing I was there. 

Anyway, I was trying to cheer myself up by looking back over the photographs I've taken over the last year and I came across one that made me laugh out loud. I never close my curtains at night, I live in the middle of nowhere and no one can see into my bedroom window so, when I wake up in the morning and look out of the window, I see trees. Sometimes with squirrels leaping from tree to tree, sometimes with Jays or Wood Pigeons chirping in the branches but in March last year, when I woke up to a grey, miserable, misty morning, much like the one I woke up to this morning I looked out of the window and I was transfixed.

This is what I saw.

Now ..... who can see Robin Hood, wearing a hat, sitting in the tree, with a quiver full of arrows slung diagonally across his back with his hand resting on his thigh?? Because that's what I saw. I couldn't believe it. I rubbed my eyes. I got up and peered out of the window ....... It was still there. I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture and then I got dressed, dashed outside and ran up the drive to see what it was. When I got there and discovered what it actually was I laughed so hard that there were tears rolling down my face and the postman, who drove past while I was mid-hoot actually stopped and asked me if I was ok.

So .......... scroll down a bit to see what Robin Hood actually turned out to be :-)

Not Robin Hood at all, just
a simple, bog-standard electricity box thing!! 
How disappointing :-)


  1. That's great! I think I would have been spooked too, it really looks like someone sitting up there xxx

  2. Hey Kay, that's so funny.....I'm sure you gave the postie something to laugh about too....
    Would never in a million years guess it was a power box, but what a beautiful foggy morning. I love grey, miserable days ......weird I know but there's so much atmosphere on those sort of days.
    Wish I could send you some of our sunshine.

    Claire :}

  3. Ha, ha, you are so not wrong! I bet you are the type of person who can see alsorts in clouds, wallpaper and curtain fabric too, just like me.