10 January 2013

A Touch of Cabin Fever

Yesterday, after posting my Robin Hood In A Tree blog post, I sat down at my sewing machine with my pile of lovely fabrics in front of me and tried to conjure up some creativity. It didn't work. I sat there for about half an hour, moving the fabrics around, playing with the beautiful lace and velvet ribbon trimmings and finally, I had to admit defeat. My inspiration seems to have temporarily deserted me. I'm usually quite an outdoorsy type of person and lately, I have been feeling slightly claustrophobic. The horrible weather has turned me into a bit of a hermit so, I thought getting out of the house for a while and seeing some human beings might help. With this in mind, I hopped in the car and went for a drive. 

I drove to Mount Edgecumbe, about 20 minutes from where I live, to photograph their famous National Camellia Collection which usually in flower in January. Sadly, I was about two weeks too early! No Camellias at all and no human beings either.

Picture from the Mount Edgecumbe website

On my way home, I decided that I would call in a Kingsand, as it's just around the corner from Mount Edgecumbe. It's a quaint little village that in summer is beautiful, picturesque and fairly busy. Sadly, in winter it's not! It was utterly deserted. I wandered around the cute little lanes and found some beautiful little cottages that looked as if they should be on a post card but, alas, not one single human being and not even a coffee shop to indulge in a hot chocolate and a piece of cake.

The next little cove along is Cawsand. It's teeny tiny and very quaint but, once again, no humans (I'm beginning to see a pattern) There was, however, a very cute mosaic in the little shelter down near the beach and ............

.......... these very cute fishy things in a garden on the way to back to the car park.

Finally, on the drive back home, I stopped to breath in some fresh sea air. Being by the sea always makes me feel better. I love the beach no matter what time of year and although the weather was grey, the sea was so calm it was hard to tell where the sea met the sky.



  1. What wonderful little villages, but a shame there was no where to have a cuppa and chat .
    Great scenic mosaics too, I love the beach and your photos are stunning Kay.
    Hope the inspiration returns soon and gets you going again.

    Claire :}

  2. What a beautiful part of the country you live in - I would love to live nearer the sea! Stunning sea view. I have just read your Robin Hood post - what a disappointment, but so funny! Hope your creative juices return soon.

  3. Those pictures are just lovely. My husband comes from Plymouth so we have often visited those places and the pics bring back lots of memories for me. However we usually get there in summer when it is thronging with people. I'd love the opportunity to visit without the masses : )

  4. Did you know about the Cliff Top cafe, nestling just down on the cliff below Freathy (opposite the Log Cabins)? I treat myself to a lunch or a coffee there periodically - and always take my visitors there for a meal with a fantastic view. Same view as your last photo!

  5. Ooooo thanks Rambler I will pop in and check it out over the weekend. We used to go to the one a bit further along on the other side of the road until they changed it from a cafe to a restaurant. A little cafe has also appeared in the car park at Portwrinkle which is just a bit further along the coast. I haven't tried it yet but I'm thinking a little blog post about some of my local cafes could be fun day out doing research :-)