11 January 2013

An Exciting Course And The First Signs of Spring .... Maybe

I have a fabulous craft shop in a town close to where I live and I love going into the shop, not  only because they sell gorgeous fabrics and trimmings and things but because they have such wonderful works-in-progress being made by people on the fabulous craft courses which they run. The courses are very popular and I'm usually too late to sign up because they get booked up quite quickly. This time however, I managed to get onto a course I have wanted to have a go at for quite some time. It's a carpet making workshop. I'm really looking forward to it. We get to make this cute little owl wall hanging using this intriguing rugging tool. It's called an Oxford Punch Needle (I wonder if anyone out there in Blogland has used one of these things?). Apparently they're quite expensive but I've seen the results and they are fabulous. I can't wait to get started.

Anyway, in keeping with my New Year effort to "Do More", I decided to get out of the house for a while and go for a wander up the lane to see if I could find anything nice to photograph. Blogging has turned me into a bit of a nerd .... well.... more of a nerd that I usually am and I take my camera everywhere I go. I wonder how many other bloggers do this or if it's just me? 

Metro and I wandered off in the direction of the village, about 3 miles away, peering into the hedgerows as we went to see if there were any signs of spring. I didn't have to look for long before I came across daffodils growing up through the dead leaves and grass. 

A little further along, I spotted some tiny primroses just beginning to poke through the ground. 

And even in the depths of winter, there is still the odd flower brave enough to show it's face. It's probably just a weed but pretty nonetheless. 

I also found something else. A Plaque on the garden wall of a house about half a mile away from where I live. I was intrigued. I took out my camera to snap a picture of it and discovered the battery was flat. Sods law. Anyway, the battery is now charging and tomorrow, Metro and I will go back and take some pictures and add them to the blog post I am writing about it. 


  1. Can I recommend a book entitled Rag Rug making by Jenni Stuart-Anderson. She is ace on rug making and I think your tool is featured in her book.
    ISBN 9 781900 371537
    Just google her name and you will pick up her web site. Looking forward to hearing about your course. Good Luck. My snowdrops and Witch Hazel are full out in beautiful sunshine today here in sleepy Herefordshire.
    Dianne - Hereford

  2. Hi Dianne, many thanks for the tip. I shall have a look and see if I can find it in my local library :-)