13 November 2012

A Bit of Bling With a Cottagey Twist

Earlier this year, while rummaging through Zero to Vintage, my favourite vintage shop in the town near where I live, I found a very cute chandelier. Now I'm not usually a chandelier type person. They always seem to be too flashy and bling for me but this one, I instantly fell in love with and at £15 it was just too good to miss. It had a kind of vintage feel to it and it was painted with a fabulous distressed finish. It came complete with crystal droplets, which I initially planned to sell because I thought they might not fit in with my house, which is quite old and quite shabby chic, in fact sometimes more shabby than chic, especially when the dogs are tearing round the house like loonies and the cats are shredding the rugs!  

It is an electric chandelier. It's all ready to be wired into the house electrics but my ceilings are quite low and I have beams which means that people would be bumping their heads on it if I actually dangled it from the ceiling in the middle of my living room. So, instead of using it as an electric light, I stuck metal bottle tops from wine bottles, the screw top kind, into the holes where the light bulbs were supposed to fit and I put some candles into the metal caps. I then screwed a hook into one of the beams above my dining table and hooked the chandelier over the hook, which is in the far corner of the room and well out of head bashing range. It looked fabulous but it still needed a little something more. Today, I finally gave in and added some crystals but I also added my own cottagey twist by adding some red and white gingham ribbon. I am thrilled with the result. 


  1. What a beautiful chandelier ... a real bargain for £15! It looks lovely with the bows on, and fill fit in well at Christmas too xxx

  2. It looks fabulous and such a bargain too!

  3. Thats lovely...it will look great with your red and white theme for christmas x

  4. Hi

    I just popped in from Meanqueen's blog. I have a couple of questions:
    1. You mentioned buying food for llamas. What do you need to buy for them please? Is it a special pelleted food to supplement the grass which is in short supply in the winter. Or wheat or maize or...? How many llamas do you have? You are very fortunate to have a field to keep them in! I can recommend keeping chickens. I've had them for well over 10 years and they are such funny little creatures who always make me smile with their antics. And they give me lovely eggs too : )
    2. That All bran cake looks good. Can we have the recipe please?

    I like the look of your chandelier.