14 November 2012

All Bran Cake

I have been asked by a couple of people to post the recipe for the All Bran cake that I showed in a post last Friday. It's really simple, it's also fat free and it's great for using up any All Bran that might have gone a bit soft and lost it's crunch because once it's soaked in the milk no one will be able to tell. The recipe says cups. It doesn't necessarily have to be a standard "cup" measurement. What it actually means is .... grab a cup or a mug and as long as you use the same cup or mug for all the measurements it will be fine. Just remember though, the bigger the cup or mug, the bigger the cake. Also, in the recipe it says use mixed dried fruit but I don't particularly like the mixed peel part of he dried mixed fruit so I added some glace cherries and some chopped dates but you can add currents, sultanas or whatever you fancy. A tip I got from The Barefoot Contessa is that if you coat your fruit in a dusting of flour, it stops them sinking to the bottom of the cake. Now I have never actually tried because usually, my fruit doesn't sink to the bottom but if anyone has tried this ..... I would be interested to know if it works or not. Anyway, here is the recipe, it's probably the simplest cake you could possibly make and I think it tastes fabulous sliced and spread with butter. Delicious!


1 cup of All Bran 
1 cup of mixed dried fruit (or whatever you fancy)
1 cup of milk
Three quarters of a cup of sugar ( I use a combination of white and brown sugar so it's not too sweet and obviously if you don't like it too sweet add a little less sugar)
1 cup of Self Raising Flour.


Put the All Bran, fruit, milk and sugar into a bowl and leave to soak for at least an hour, it doesn't matter if it's longer just as long as it's at least an hour.

Mix in the the flour and put into a greased loaf tin

Bake on the oven on 180C, 350F of Gas 4 for about an hour or until the top is golden and a skewer comes out clean. 


  1. This sounds yummy & very easy to throw together from the cupboard. I think it would freeze very well too & a great way to hide bran for those who don't love it.

  2. Thank you for the recipe.

    And for the comment on my blog. If we ever do find a home with a field that we can afford and that is near enough to our kids and grandchildren to visit frequently, then llamas are one of the animals on the wishlist. I'm told that one of the llama's biggest hates are foxes so that marries in well with my chickens - I have 14 of those in my garden at the moment : )

  3. I love a nice fruit cake in the tin! Looks lovely, very frugal, doesn't even need an egg!

    Love Claire xx

  4. I make this using cold tea instead of milk for the soaking. If you use leftover tea from the pot it is even thriftier! Using a fruit tea (ginger and lemon, for example) gives a slightly different flavour as well.

  5. Look yummys although i never liked it growing up perhaps i should try is and see if i like it now. Love you loads Mummy, keep up the great bloggin xx

  6. My Mother in law used to make this when we were courting nearly 60 years ago. I have had to look it up this time as it is a few years since I made it and could not remember if I needed two cups of milk and one of everything else. So thank you for the reminder. We butter ours. No wonder I am so slender!

  7. Thank you for this. I haven't made it for ages and decided I would but had lost the recipe. This one is perfect.