14 March 2012

Planting Frenzy

Well this week there is a bit of a planting frenzy going on. According to my Gardening and Planting by the Moon book, this coming week seems to be a perfect week for getting the majority of my Spring planting sorted. The planting days for the week beginning 12th march 2012 are as follows: Monday - flowers, Tuesday and Wednesday - leafy vegetables, Thursday and Friday - fruits and Saturday and Sunday - root vegetables. The aim is to get all the planting up to date this week so that next week I can concentrate on making my garden not only functional but attractive as well. I have big plans. I'm hoping to create borders with beautiful fragrant flowers in an array of vibrant colours, I would like an area where I can sit and read or just look at the garden and I want abundant raised beds filled with a huge assortment of luscious, nutritious vegetables for me to eat over the coming months. I'm also very keen to start keeping chickens. Unfortunately, this all takes time and money. Starting from scratch is very time consuming and although it's very rewarding making things for myself and being inventive in order to overcome things such as the lack of a greenhouse to start off seeds, I'm beginning to run out of steam slightly. Throw into the mix a very limited budget of about £2.50 and it's going to take a lot longer than I would like and as there is so much to do, finding a place to start is quite daunting. So ....... veg planting first so at least I won't starve and then the pretty bits, although I did make a bit of a start by painting my rickety old garden bench, sorting out the table next to my front door and putting up some hanging baskets :-)

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