1 March 2012

Beware ..... Low Flying Bags of Compost

Well it finally happened....the top soil and compost arrived for my raised beds yesterday ..... all two tonnes of it. It was delivered by two very nice gentlemen in a large lorry with a crane type arm thingy, who managed to get the compost over my fence and onto the lawn. This was a huge bonus because otherwise I would have had to wheel the barrows full of compost miles to get it to the raised beds. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, its only a couple of hundred yards, however, last week I discovered my wheelbarrow tyres were flat and my attempt to inflate them resulted in one of them becoming even flatter because the pump didn't fit and the air came out of the tyre instead of going in. This has resulted in the wheelbarrow steering off to the left all the time, almost going round in circles, making pushing a barrow-full of earth a herculean task. Anyhow, today, my flat-tyred wheelbarrow and I spent a couple of hours filling two of the raised beds with a mix of compost and top soil. With hindsight, I could probably have got away with just ordering one bag of compost and not bothered with the topsoil, which, despite the Dumpy Bag Man's assurances that it was decent quality topsoil, and despite inspecting one of the bags in the depot yesterday, was full of stones which I had to take out by hand because my garden sieve has mysteriously vanished (I suspect Nargles!). On the plus side, I now have a huge supply of compost/soil mix for doing other things in the garden and I'm sure with a bit of creative thinking I can find something to do with it. Finally, as today is a root day on the biodynamics calendar, I planted some shallots in one of my newly filled raised beds. Happy Days.

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  1. Wow - Amazing :) Keep up the posts loving them x