4 February 2012

Bad Weather Stops Play ..........

Well, the weather has been so awful this week that it totally scuppered my plans to make 3 raised beds for my veg. Having bought galactic quantities of excellent sturdy timber planks, cut into manageable lengths by the very helpful chap at my local wood yard, (they even had the pointy spikey things to hammer into the corners) I duly came home and set about making the first of the raised beds in my living room (it was cold outside lol). The first problem was that the wood was damp and 2 inches thick which made it really difficult to drill through it. After 20 minutes of swearing, drill bits coming loose, splinters and blood, sweat and tears, finally the holes were drilled. Not being a natural carpenter, although I do love power tools, I unfortunately used a bigger drill bit than I should have and although I used really really long screw to join the whole thing together, as I was carrying my pride and joy outside to it's position on the garden, the whole thing fell apart. After careful assessment of the situation, I did the only thing I could ........ I got some really really long nails and attacked it with a large hammer ........ problem solved :-)

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