15 February 2012

Raised Beds and Chain Saws

Well now that the ground has thawed out I have managed to turn the large pile of timber in my hallway into three raised beds. Having given up on the drilling and screwing of the beds after the disaster with the first one, I set too with a hammer and some really really long nails. I actually find it very satisfying whacking nails into large planks of wood with a massive hammer, it seems get rid of my tension. The result was three sturdy raised beds which are now waiting for weed membrane and compost to be added. I also bought some heavy duty clear plastic so I can turn the raised beds into mini greenhouses until the weather improves. it was a total bargain from my local discount shop Trago Mills and it's 2 metres wide. I bought 8 metres and it cost .......... £4.40 ...55p per metre which I think is a total bargain.

I also got around to sorting out a tree branch that had broken during the high winds a few weeks ago. As it's not considered sensible to let me loose with a chain saw, I spoke to a friend of mine who agreed to come along and take down the branch which was dangling at an alarming angle and was only just hanging on by a thin sliver of bark. Unfortunately, when we had a closer look at the tree, it was covered in ivy and was dead and rotting. This sadly meant that the tree had to come down. We also found that the tree next to it was dead and we decided that it had to come down too. I don't like chopping down trees but they were making an awful creaking noise when the wind blew down the valley and were dangerous and had to come down. I now have a huge pile of branches and some massive lumps of wood in the field and it's opened up that area of the field and has made things so much lighter. Definitely a job well done.

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