15 February 2012

Garlic and Flowers

Well my garlic plants are doing nicely. I cheated with this lot because I got them from a very nice lady who had a stall outside my local village farmer's market last weekend. I haven't managed to get to any of the markets before and to be brutally honest, they scare me. I don't actually live in the village, I live about three miles outside and I really don't know many people there, despite having lived here for over eight years. I could feel all their eyes on me as soon as I walked into the village hall ...... a bit like "Deliverance" but without the banjos!! It didn't help that the hall was almost empty so I couldn't hide in the crowd which meant that I instantly felt obliged to buy something .... a sneaky ploy to get custom I suspect. I did however buy some lovely birthday cards and a very delicious homity pie, a recipe for which will be on the recipes page in the next day or so after I have tracked one down and tested it to make sure it's yummy.
In addition to this, whilst clearing out my hallway, I came across whole basket of bulbs and flowers and seeds to plant this spring. I can;t wait to get my garden looking fantastic and I have some awesome ideas ..... I just have to try and get on with doing them.

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