29 January 2012

Raised Beds

Last year, with little help from a friend, I turned a mound of soil, which was dumped onto my lawn by the so called landscaper that gravelled my driveway, into a raised bed so I could plant some veg. By the time I got around to doing this, the earth mound had been there for well over a year and was covered in grass and weeds. Having no spare cash to buy wood to make the raised beds, I decided to make use of some large lumps of slate that I had rescued from a nearby bank that had been demolished, and after much weeding and digging and spreading it looked quite good. In October of 2011, I picked up a few trays of cheap veg plants, at 29p for 12 plants, I just couldn't resist and bought trays of cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, carrots, sprouts and kale and I planted them into the bed to see what happened.

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