30 January 2017

Poly Tunnel Update

Just a quick update on the poly tunnel before I run back outside and carry on shifting soil.

The inside of the poly tunnel is now almost finished. A bit of levelling up of the slabs is needed but the raised beds are in and awaiting their mix of top soil and compost.

I've moved almost a tonne and half of top soil in the last couple of days and I have at least another tonne to move. Then there are the 40 bags of compost to lug through to the field to top up the beds so there is loads of nutrients in there for me little seedlings and I have also collected some llama poo, which I have in total abundance courtesy of my lovely llama boys to add some extra oomph to my soil.

I can't wait to get planting, I'm trying to control my urge to plant every seed I possess but it's getting harder by the second and finally, I have some seeds that I can actually plant so tomorrow, thats what I plan to do. Watch this space for a seed planting list and the biodynamic planting methods that I will be following this year.


  1. Your doing a good job, I'm the same, can't wait to plant seeds.

  2. Your doing a great job, I also can't wait until I can plant seeds.

  3. Llama poo! lol! I look forward to massive growing veg in there!

  4. Oh such excitement! How wonderful that you can go along and actually do something so early. It's wet, snowy and very cold here so I am planting in my dreams.