7 April 2016

Robin Update

Hi all, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. I had a lovely Easter with an unexpected week's holiday due to the holiday entitlement that I had unknowingly built up since starting work. It needed to be taken before the start of April so I had a fabulous week of pottering around the house and garden, watching movies, baking cakes and eating chocolate. It was lovely. I also had visits from two of my daughters and with a little help, I managed to get all the fences in my field mended. It's a great relief that it's sorted and it means the llamas now have their other field back to graze around in. 

I met my middle daughters new pug puppy, Bandit, for the first time when they came to stay for a couple of days. He's just sooooo cute and sooooo adorable. We had a lovely breakfast at Seaton Beach Cafe and a long walk on the beach. The weather was perfect. 

I pottered around in the garden and potted on some cute little geraniums. 

I baked some scones ..... and then I ate some scones :-)

And I played with some fabric. 

I will be hopefully opening my little Etsy shop in the not too distant future so at the moment, I'm busy sewing away. 

Also, very excitingly, I spotted that the robin's eggs in the nest outside my window have hatched. I can see the chicks in the nest. I've spotted three so far but there may be more further back in the nest. Again, like last time, the photos are taken through a dusty window because I don't want to open it to clean the outside in case I disturb them and they abandon the nest.

Daddy robin was on feeding duty. I spent this morning turning over a patch of earth to expose the worms and bugs for him to take back to his chicks. I didn't know male robins sat on the nest but they clearly do because the last photograph I took, the eggs hadn't hatched and he was definitely sitting on them. 

All in all, a lovely couple of weeks. 
Pity it's now back to reality and the dreaded work :-(


  1. How nice to have some time off and family to spend it with . The pug is adorable.

  2. Lovely to have a holiday but even lovelier to have an unexpected one. I'm glad you were able to get out with family - and adorable Bandit - while the sun shone, 'cos it's been a mixed bag over Easter, hasn't it? Sunshine, showers, hailstones and cold winds. It must be a good feeling to get some jobs done as well, especially the fencing.
    I love the Robins - quite jealous in fact!