9 January 2016

New Year Financial Overhaul and a Sneaky Peek

The other day, I had a rare day off with nothing to do and no one to look after. Everyone who was here for the holidays had left, there was nothing to do that couldn't wait ..... housework can definitely wait ..... so it was time to tackle a pressing matter that I really needed to confront but something I have been putting off for way too long. This year, I need to take control of my finances. I need to get things sorted so that in 3 years time, when there is the very real possibility that my life will be turned completely upside down, I will be financially prepared for whatever happens. After adding up everything I owe on my credit cards and my catalogue, the figure was slightly unsettling but not catastrophic and after much number crunching, pencil chewing and page crumpling, the hope is that I will be able to pay most of it off within the next 18 months.

It sounds like a terribly long time and although I was a bit taken aback by the actual amount of debt that I have managed to racked up without really noticing, it's not the end of the world and fortunately, it is very do-able. It will, however, mean tightening my belt quite considerably and going back to the pre-wage thriftiness that I used to take such pride in. Something that has slipped badly over the last few months as my spending power increased along with my pay packet. So, it's back to basics, to a weekly food shop of fresh ingredients to cook meals from scratch, no junk food, no splurging on frivolous things, no wine unless it's a special occasion and I will need to keep a tight reign on my purse strings until I can get my bills right down. It's going to be tough but I'm sure it's going to be fine.

I have already started budgeting again and keeping an eye on my spending but in my budget I have allowed for a bit of a splurge in February. It's my birthday in February and my eldest daughter, her husband and my cutie-pie grandson are coming to stay for a few days and bringing my lovely mum with them. I really can't wait to get my hands on his cute little pudgy-ness and I'm so looking forward to it. It will be fantastic to be able to go out and about with them all and have them spend time down here. Also, just before they arrive, on the day after my birthday, I'm off on a little trip. I was thoroughly spoilt over Christmas and amongst all the lovely presents I got from my daughters, I received a little hand-made ticket from my youngest daughter and it was this ....

I'm off to Venice. I haven't had a holiday in 16 years because, logistically, thanks to my menagerie, making arrangements to go going anywhere is an operation of military proportions, let alone to go on holiday for four days but it's all taken care of and my daughter and I are going to Venice :-) 

February is going to be an amazing month.


  1. That sounds truly wonderful! When I started to read your post I was a little bit concerned that you would go OTT on the debt repayment and not allow yourself a bit of wriggle room but as I kept on reading I started to smile, then grin the BEAM! Enjoy all that January and February have to offer!

  2. Oh how wonderful! Italy! This is going to be a very sound year for you in many ways. Great stuff x

  3. Wow! Venice---what a wonderful present! Enjoy!

  4. What a wonderful gift! Paying off debt takes time and planning, but oh it feels so good when it's gone.

  5. I've got to save more money, but have managed to clear my debts. As will you. I do need to actually budget however.