10 January 2016

Crock Pot Sunday Lunch

Today I have a rare Sunday off. I hate working Sundays but sadly, that's the price you pay for having a job in retail. Although I would love to have a lazy day lounging around watching gardening programmes and cookery programmes, which, in my opinion, is what Sundays should be all about, today is all about getting the house back into some sort of order after the Christmas holidays. It's chaos here and when the house gets out of control like this, it makes me slightly nuts and I become obsessed with getting it back under control. 

I also like to cook a Sunday lunch. Even though it's just for me, Sunday doesn't seem quite right without at least some sort of special lunchtime meal. Today, my domestic-ninja-house-taming is going to take up most of my time so I decided that I would cook my lunch in the slow cooker. Ingenious eh :-)

I grabbed loads of veg from my newly-reinstated weekly shop, which were all on special offer at 39p per pack from my local supermarket and I added some defrosted, stuffed, rolled "things" (sorry, no idea what they're called) of lamb that were excellent value at £2.36 for 2, weighing in at just over half a kilo in weight and I chopped them up and chucked the whole lot into the crock pot with some hot beef stock. I popped on the lid and I'm now off to go and do some more cleaning. In 4 or 5 hours, my delicious lunch, or supper, depending on how long it takes me to get control of the house again will be beckoning me with it's enticing wafts of lamb and I can stop and have a well earned rest. 

As with the rice pudding, it's really doesn't look very appetising when it first starts cooking but watch this space to see just how amazingly it turns out. Will update later so you can all have a look. Total cost, about £3.20 for the whole lot. Add some Yorkshire puddings, hardly any cost at all and a thrifty, delicious Sunday lunch for next to nothing. My kind of cooking :-)


  1. Mmmmmm . . . I can smell that and taste it from here! Making my mouth water. I'm sure it will taste all the better having got your house back in order when you sit down to enjoy it.

  2. I bet it tasted lovely, I use my slow cooker all the time x