2 August 2015

Cheats Banoffee Pie

My lovely eldest daughter and her husband welcomed their first child, and my first grandchild, 10 weeks ago and she is now the proud mum of an adorable baby boy. While she has been on maternity leave, she has started a lovely blog all about being a new mum with lots of tips and time saving ideas for busy people and a couple of weeks ago she posted a Banoffee Pie. 

The recipe is the simplest recipe ever. It takes hardly any time at all to prepare and tastes totally delicious. After I got back from the car boot sale today, I decided I would have a go at making it and in a moment of rare forward planning, I had already bought the ingredients in anticipation of trying it out. I did have a bit of an issue with the bananas though and I thought the security man in the supermarket was going to chuck me out when he caught me shaking the bananas vigorously while banging them on the side of the box before I put them into the basket ....... I've seen the totally gruesome and hideous videos of spiders erupting from bananas and I wasn't taking any chances!!!

Anyway, you can check out her lovely blog HERE and I have added the recipe below so you can all have a go.


300ml of Double Cream
1 medium sized Banana
1 tin of 397g Carnation Caramel
80g of Butter
200g of Oat Biscuits (I used Aldi Oatie Biscuits)
4 ramekin dishes


Make the biscuits into crumbs either by using a food processor or, as I did, by popping them into a plastic bag and bashing them with a rolling pin. (I dropped my food processor a couple of months ago and the base smashed) 

Melt the butter and mix into the biscuit crumbs.

Press the crumb mix into the base of 4 ramekin dishes or into a pie dish.

Slice the banana over the base and then top with a nice thick layer of Carnation Caramel.

Add a big dollop of whipped cream on top of the pie and stand back and admire your work :-)

Chill before serving ..... or, if you're anything like me ........... scoff immediately :-)

Oh my it was delicious. 


  1. This recipe looks fab Kay, and my husband loves Aldi Oaties so I think I shall be trying it soon! :)

  2. I'm going to have try this Kay looks lovely xx