10 June 2015


Well, I'm back home in Cornwall after a very long 7 hour journey yesterday. The train was delayed by someone in a lorry running into a bridge that we were supposed to go either over or under, I forget which, and we had a bit of a wait to see if it was safe. It was, but it unfortunately meant that I missed my connection in Plymouth and had almost an hours wait for the next one. The animals were all thrilled to see me and Metro hasn't left my side since I walked through the door in case I sneak off and leave him again. My youngest daughter, who has been house/animal sitting, was pleased to see me too because she was getting a bit stir crazy having been stuck in our little valley for 5 days. She doesn't drive so it's either a taxi ride to town or stay put and although I had left her plenty of cash for taxi rides, she had elected to have a lazy few days to recuperate after finishing her first year of uni. Apparently though, 5 days in the quiet countryside is more than enough to get over a busy year of uni in London and she couldn't wait to get out of the house :-)

Metro looking at me as if to say ..... "No, I'm not moving, if I move you might disappear again"  :-)

My garden is looking a bit overgrown after 5 days away. The grass is really long so I'm going to have to tackle that this week and the path through my field to the llama field is now non-existent so that will need strimming and covering with the bark chippings that I was given my a neighbour who had some trees chopped down. On the plus side though, my veg are doing really well. Today, I will be able to chop and eat some spinach. I can't wait. It's gone mad in the 5 days I have been away and it needs to be cut and eaten. I also have a courgette flower on one of my plants and I have some pea pods on my sugar-snap peas ....... it's so exciting. Can you tell that I'm relatively new to growing veg :-) ??
Sugar-snap pea pods

Sugar-snap peas

French beans recovering nicely from a rather bad start.


Courgette flower


  1. Welcome home, Kay, you must be tired after such a long journey. The garden is looking fab, all those lovely veg and spinach to die for! At times like this I wish I had a proper garden once more...

  2. Welcome home! Poor Metro, thinking he had been abandoned! I know how you feel about your vegetables; I also gloat over every flower and fruit on my greenhouse plants - strawberries, tomatoes, chilli peppers, etc.as well as the overnight appearances in the garden of unknown flowers.