10 June 2015

Heading Home

After a lovely few days in Sheffield with my eldest daughter, her husband and of course my gorgeous little grandson, I'm on a train heading back to reality in Cornwall. I also got to spend a couple of days with my lovely mum, helping her to sort out her garden and trying to make it a bit more accessible for her. I tried my hand at a spot of topiary and came to the conclusion that I shouldn't give up my day job and I turned a mound of earth into a cute little rockery using a pile of bricks that I found hidden under a hedge. Now my mum can plant a whole pile of flowers and work her magic on the little bed. I love my mums garden. Her borders are so lovely and this visit, I came bacxk with a huge bag of aquilegia seeds so hopefully my flower beds will be looking equally spectacular very soon. 

Of course while I was there, I got to snuggle my little grandson lots. He is so cute and sweet and he's an incredibly good natured little baby and I got to do some fab nanny babysitting duties. I also got to wander round some lovely shops and re-visit some lovely places. I was born and brought up in Sheffield and I lived there until I was 18 and city living is admittedly very nice. Lovely shops, a thriving social scene, restaurants, cafes and an amazing transport system which means you don't have to wait several hours for a bus. In reality though, I know it's not something I would want to go back to. I loved it when I was younger but now I'm not so young, I wouldn't trade the countryside for anything, even if there are no buses, streetlights, restaurants or decent shops. It's something I get asked a lot by people I know who live in the city. Do I miss the city and would I ever go back? Yes I miss it sometimes and I especially wish my family lived closer but I'm not sure I could actually go back to living in a city full time. I love to visit but it's always lovely to get back home. A former friend, upon hearing about the lack of buses, shops, streetlights etc, expessed the opinion that she thought I was utterly barking to live in the country, in fact her exact words were that I "live like the Amish!" ....... hence the reason she is a former friend :-)

So, tomorrow, after a good night's sleep in my own bed with my pooch snoring like a warthog on the bottom of my bed, I will drag my youngest daughter out of bed ..... hopefully sometime before lunchtime and we will go for a walk on the beach, take our shoes off and dip our toes into the freezing cold water. Maybe have some fish and chips sitting on the rocks on the beach and just make the most of the lovely weather we have been having. 


  1. We live out in the country, 10 miles from town, no buses, no stores, no restaurants and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

  2. You are very lucky , I envy you, Your grandson is beautiful xxx

  3. Your little Grandson is beautiful, don't you just ache to pick him up!
    Regarding city life, I have never lived anywhere bigger than a town, I can't stand the noise and the anonymity of it all. However, I do like to be within reach of civilization and the bigger shops for the occasional treat. I now live about a 20 minute drive from an out of town shopping centre but actually live in a small village which is lovely and friendly. Everyone does seem to know your business before you do though!