21 June 2015

Fabric Key Fob.

Lately, I have been looking at things to make so that I can start a new little online business and the other day I came across some cute little fabric key fob thingies. I think they are awesome and very practical so I had a look on the internet to try and find the clasp things so I could have a go at making some. They were a bit difficult to track down, mostly because if you put keyfob thingy into the browser, it thinks you've gone mad and comes up with lots of weird and wonderful stuff :-)

This is what they look like. Little clamp-like things with two teeth that stick into the fabric.

I eventually managed to track some down from a wonderful lady on Etsy and when they arrived yesterday, I was itching to get on with making one, as a prototype, to see how sturdy they are. They're easy to make, just a strip of thin wadding sandwiched between two pieces of fabric and a key fob thingy ..... sorry, I still don't know what they are called. I just searched for key fob hardware and picked the one that closest resembled the ones I saw on the ones on the internet. 

There are loads of tutorials out there on the internet and they're super easy to make ...... it only took about 10 minutes to put together. I did manage to destroy one of the little key fob things though, because when I had put it together, I tugged on it and yanked on it and pulled it around for a while to see if it was secure. It wasn't completely secure to start with because the teeth weren't sunk deeply enough into the fabric so I wrapped the clasp in some fleece and hit it with a hammer a couple of times to close the clasp further. Unfortunately, I managed to squash one of the little teeth things .... several times in fact because although I managed to flip the little point back into an upright position so I could try again, when I flipped it back up the third time I managed to break it off completely! Oooppps :-)

Anyway, this is my prototype key fob. I think they're lovely. What do you think??
Does anyone have any tips for closing the little key fob clasps securely?
And does anyone know what they are actually called :-)

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  1. No idea what it's called either, but the whole thingy is sure pretty.